Apple’s most affordable iPad is even cheaper at Best Buy and Amazon

Apple’s seventh-generation iPad with 32GB of storage is $80 off at a couple of retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon. This price drop puts it at $250 instead of $330. This model has seen a discount like this before, but it’s a rare enough discount that you might want to know about it. Cyber Monday 2019 had a slightly better deal for $230, but given that this is just a regular day in May, it’s a fantastic time to buy.

This version of the iPad is similar in a lot of ways to Apple’s sixth-generation model, though you’re getting a lot more for your money with this tablet. Inside, it has the same A10 processor, but its screen size has increased from 9.7 inches to 10.2 inches. Additionally, it has an extra gigabyte of RAM (3GB compared to 2GB in the sixth-gen iPad) and a Smart Connector, which you can use to connect Apple’s Smart Keyboard. As far as software goes, this model runs the latest version of iPadOS, and it will continue to get updates for the next few years.

Amazon currently has the space gray color in stock for $250, though the other colors may come back in store throughout the day. Best Buy has each color available, but it seems like they’re all currently backordered with an expected delivery date of May 13th.

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