Swayam Shiksha during COVID… Taking Schools to children’s homes

Mysore/Mysuru: The entire world is facing an unprecedented crisis due to COVID-19. In spite of continuous lockdowns, it is proving to be a herculean task to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus. During these testing times, Purna Chetana Public School (PCPS) at Rayanakere in Mysuru, has conducted many innovative programmes like Buddhimaan-2020, e-Pariksha and Prayoga Shala.

When every School was thinking of online education during the pandemic, PCPS came out with a unique offline self-learning  programme called Swayam Shiksha, which is designed keeping children’s well-being as priority. This School does not believe in online teaching because it involves usage of electronic gadgets like computers, laptops, smart phones and Ipads. It has been scientifically proven that continuous exposure to small screens will result in damage to eyes and brain. 

Here is how Swayam Shiksha works: PCPS Team will produce self-learning, creative and innovative contents referring to their respective class text books. They will send out the work sheets as well along with this. A child should refer to respective text book chapters, contents provided by  PCPS and attempt the work sheets provided. In this process the child will be able to self-learn concepts which are relevant and required. The work sheets are created in such a way that only those who refer to text books can attend this. 

Self-learning study materials will be personally handed over to the student’s place of residence every 15 days once. Team of teachers will visit along with the materials and doubts will be cleared over the call anytime. 

PCPS has around 400 students covering almost all the residential areas in Mysuru and nearby villages. It takes 3 days for the School to distribute worksheets. While doing this, the Team takes utmost care and necessary precautions required.  

As for children who hail from rural areas, where more than 10 -15 kids come from the same village,  PCPS Team asks them to assemble in one place with all necessary precautions.  Teachers will teach and clarify all their doubts in about an hour’s time and make sure they do daily prayers which they do in School and kind of re-create School atmosphere for some time. 

Parents and students have appreciated this programme and sent feedbacks too. 

For more information about the programme, contact  Darshan Raj on Mob: 99010-10990 or Maadhurya Ramaswamy on Mob: 73972-38321.


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