Uncovered 6 ft. deep water valve chamber barricaded after mishap

Mysore/Mysuru: Siddarthanagar Traffic Police have placed barricades around the 6 ft. deep water valve chamber on the roadside near BSNL Office on Dr. Rajkumar Road near Kalyanagirinagar after a scooter fell into it on Aug. 24 night.

Though it is the work of the authorities concerned to ensure the safety of motorists when they take up road works, there were no safety measures such as installing warning sign board or placing barricades around it. 

This had resulted in a 59-year-old motorist, identified as Devaraju of Sathagalli, sustaining injuries on his face, hands and legs after the scooter he was riding fell into it. 

The rider suffered minor injuries as he fell on the road while the scooter plunged into the chamber. Doing the job of civic authorities, Siddarthanagar Traffic Police, to prevent future mishaps, have placed barricades around the water valve chamber, to warn motorists about the presence of the deep pit.


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